1. ¿Is Villegas a coffee grower?

No, we are not coffee growers. We have direct contact with more than 50 growers in different regions in the country.

2. ¿Does Villegas y Cia. sell roasted coffee?

No, we trade green coffee.

3. ¿What is the difference between green coffee and roasted coffee?

Green coffee is the previous stage to roasted coffee..

4. ¿What are the main differences within the qualities you offer?

Excelsos are smaller beans than Supremos. Consumos and Pasillas are lower grade coffees.

When it comes to the cup quality, regions define main characteristics in cups. For example, Huila is recognized for its low acidity and a high body while Risaralda or Caldas are recognized for a higher acidity and a medium body.

5. ¿Where do you buy coffee from?

We have solid relationships with suppliers around the country (middlemen/producers/cooperatives) to buy dry parchment and threshed coffees.